Our Ramen Tours

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The original Tasting Tour! Enjoy 6 completely different, MINI BOWLS of delicious ramen at three award-winning ramen shops. The shops specialize in classic Tokyo ramen, savory curry ramen, and fusion pork ramen. You even get to choose your 6  mini bowls from 12 choices. You'll also learn all about ramen - from its history to recent trends.

The best introduction to ramen and a great way to start your Japan trip! Enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen at a shop of everyone's choice (several nearby ramen shops are presented). Get Japan pro tips and after the tour, the full list of ramen shops. Learn all about ramen types, etiquette, and more!

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Join Tokyo's only Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tasting Tour! Guests get to enjoy 2 different, MINI BOWLS and 1 FULL BOWL of delicious ramen in two of Tokyo's finest ramen shops. 

Become a Ramen Expert 

(Online Experience)

Book and enjoy from the comfort of home! Gear up for a future trip to Japan with local pro tips or even learn how to better enjoy instant ramen. There's an interactive ramen trivia quiz, a mouthwatering video with 19 Tokyo ramen shop recommendations, a virtual ramen tour with VIP kitchen access, and even info how to make ramen delicious eggs. All this and more!

Become a Ramen Expert Online Experience.