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Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour (3H) 

¥17,000+ / person

¥25,500+ / person

¥17,000+ / person

Taste the Ramen Rainbow!

Join Tokyo's best Ramen Tasting Tour and enjoy 6 completely different, MINI BOWLS of delicious ramen. You'll even get to select the 6 ramen from 12 choices via fun, customizable menus.

The tour takes place at three award-winning ramen shops in different Tokyo neighborhoods. You'll also learn all about ramen throughout the tour - from its history to its preparation. 

* All ramen broths contain chicken, pork, and fish. For vegans or vegetarians, please book our Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tasting Tour.

* The tour involves a good amount of walking (approximately 3 kilometers, or 1.86 miles) and isn't recommended for people with a low level of fitness

*all kids aged 5 and below are welcome to join free of charge!


SHIBUYA Route Ramen:

  • Shop 1: Classic Hokkaido

  • Shop 2: Fusion Tonkotsu (Pork Bone)

  • Shop 3: Savory Curry Ramen

SHINJUKU Route Ramen:

  • Shop 1: Classic Tokyo Ramen

  • Shop 2: Modern Tori Paitan (Rich Chicken Ramen)

  • Shop 3: Luxurious Chicken or Fish Ramen

For any other questions you might have regarding the tour like our cancellation policy and accessibility options, visit our FAQ!


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