Onomichi Chukasoba

Onomichi ​City in Hiroshima hugs the gorgeous Seto Inland Sea and is famous for its ramen. 

In Onomichi, ramen is fondly called "chukasoba". This term describes classic ramen. Onomichi classic ramen has a sharp soy sauce flavor, but with a lovely fattiness coming from melted pork fat. This one doesn't mess around with toppings either - you get a huge slab of chashu pork and equally huge menma, or crunchy bamboo shoots. Enjoy!


Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

- Boil 430 ml of water

- Open lid (without removing completely) 

- Place toppings in dark green packet on top of noodles   

- Pour boiled water up to line, seal lid and place pink packet (soup) on top to heat, wait 5 minutes

- Break up noodles and pour in, mix soup (pink packet)

- Empty clear packet contents into soup and you're ready! 

Onomichi Chukasoba Packets.jpg

End Result: 


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