Sendai Spicy Miso Ramen

This deeply flavored ramen is wonderfully balanced with its spicy miso undertones.    

The city of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture is the largest city in Japan's Tohoku region. Sendai has been a big producer of miso since as early as the 1500s. It's no wonder their ramen ended up being a spicy miso. This instant version features thick noodles to soak up that spicy broth, along with properly crunchy carrots, bean sprouts, and cabbage. 

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

- Boil 430 ml of water

- Open lid (without removing completely)

- Place toppings in purple packet on top of noodles

- Pour boiled water up to line, seal lid and place red & clear packets (soup & veggies) on top to heat, wait 5 minutes

- Break up noodles and pour in red packet, mix soup

- Remove excess water from clear packet, add clear packet contents to bowl and you're ready!

Sendai Spicy Miso Packets.jpg

End Result: 


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