Become a Ramen Expert!

From the Comfort of Home

1 Hr 15 Min

Starts at $11

You'll finish this online experience as an EXPERT on ramen, Japan's most beloved soul food! 


How many ramen shops are in Tokyo? How do you make perfect ramen eggs? In Japan, how do you order the (ramen) house special? You'll get to know this and and a whole lot more! 


We'll even take a virtual ramen tour at one of Tokyo's most famous ramen shops. While there, we'll discuss how to best enjoy ramen - like a true local! We'll also get to see how the ramen is prepared, with full access to their kitchen.

You’ll also also learn things like how to make a simple soy sauce seasoning or how to upgrade your instant ramen at home. At the end we’ll watch a mouthwatering video that includes 19 amazing Tokyo ramen shops. You can bookmark these for a future trip to Tokyo!



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