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Meet the ramen guide team! We're seasoned professionals in the ramen tour guiding space. Furthermore, loving ramen is a requirement (of course).  Each of us brings a personal flair to the ramen tours - you're in for a treat with any of us!  


Frank is a Filipino American and Tokyo native obsessed with the point of eating it every day. To Frank, ramen is the ultimate soul food, with his his favorite style being shio ramen.


When Frank isn't eating ramen, he loves to to travel, curl up with a good book, or attempt at staying in shape. He's also a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. For Gondor! ​


Bunga has lived in Japan for over 18 years and can be best described as a "Ramen Junkie". His favorite ramen style is tori paitan (rich chicken ramen)

In addition to being a travel enthusiast, Bunga enjoys playing the ukulele and flying drones. You can check out his YouTube channel, @bungalogic, for food, travel and diving adventures.

Bunga Eating Ramen.jpg

Rory is a full time history nerd and former chef with a major passion for delicious food, both eating and learning about it. He is very keen on exploring all of what the world of ramen has to offer, but when the chips are down his favourite style is a punchy niboshi (dried fish) ramen.


When not guiding Rory will usually be found reading, in the kitchen cooking, or out and about learning about more cool parts of Tokyo. You can check out his wanderings on Instagram to learn a bit more about niche Tokyo history and culture.


Born and raised in Japan, Sahori's comfort food is ramen. After spending a decade in small town America, she longs for the foods of her childhood (including many bowls of ramen). 


“Food is my love language” is the motto she lives by, and believes that dishes like ramen speak volumes of the care and attention to detail in Japanese cuisine. 

When Sahori is not touring, she loves to spend time with her family, and enjoys karate. She also loves listening to music, and even singing karaoke!

Sahori Eating Ramen .jpg

Born and raised in the U.K., Sianny has always harbored a deep love for all things Japanese. Engage her in conversation about anything related to Japan, and she'll happily natter away.

Sianny's journey into the heart of Japanese cuisine began with a single sip of ramen broth and the satisfying slurp of noodles on her first trip in Japan. From that moment, she was captivated, and her love affair with ramen began and now she’s on a quest to visit every prefecture to savour every offering of ramen. Her favorite style is Abura Soba (a soupless ramen).


Daisy discovered her love of ramen after moving to Tokyo four years ago. Always an adventurous eater, she dove into Tokyo’s ramen scene learning Japanese along the way through her adventures. She is excited to share her passion and knowledge of ramen and Japanese cuisine with you!

Her favorite type of ramen is a late-night bowl of soupless abura soba.

When Daisy is not eating, she enjoys visiting onsen and sento, relaxing in a Japanese
bath or hot spring at least once a week.

Daisy Bio Pic.jpg
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