Ramen Kitchen Experience

Make Ramen like a Pro

1 Hour

Group Tour: starts at ¥10,000 / person

Private Tour: starts at ¥14,000 / person

During this one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll get to make 2 delicious mini bowls of ramen in an actual ramen shop's kitchen. This ramen shop has kindly offered us exclusive access - something normally not available! 

In the ramen shop's kitchen take in all the sights and sounds and feel just like a ramen chef, using the proper cooking equipment and techniques. You'll learn all about ramen prep and the ingredients used - including each of their purpose and where they come from.

Like a pro, you’ll ladle the broth (seasoning and soup), ready the noodles, and then comes most fun part - shaking the water out of the ramen noodles in a “tebo”. From here, you’ll place the noodles into the broth and then add toppings and arrange as you like. Finally, you get to eat your creations! 

Tour includes: 
- 2 Different, Mini Bowls of Ramen 

* We can request the ramen shop to remove any meat toppings. But please note that all broths are blended with some meat.

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