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Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tasting Tour

2 Mini Bowls, 1 Full Bowl

2 Hours

Starts at $74

Join Tokyo's only Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tasting Tour! Guests get to enjoy 4 different, MINI BOWLS of delicious ramen and learn all about this magical dish. 


The tour takes place at 2 ramen restaurants. 1 specializes in authentic Hokkaido ramen and the other in fusion Tokyo ramen. 

For each ramen dish, you can choose:

- Vegan OR Non-Vegan Broth 

- Gluten Free OR Wheat Noodles

You'll learn all about the mighty role that both Tokyo and Hokkaido have played in ramen history. 


Tour includes: 
* 2 Mini Bowls of Ramen, 1 Full Bowl