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This Kyoto Ramen Guidebook includes detailed info on 49 delicious ramen shops in Kyoto prefecture and the nearby areas below:

  • Kyoto City
  • Kyoto Outskirts
  • Nara City 
  • Tenri City / Nara Outskirts 
  • Wakayama City, Wakayama    


If you're planning a trip to Kyoto or Nara, this is the only ramen guidebook you'll ever need! You'll find plenty of mouth-watering options, from super rich chicken ramen to classic shoyu ramen from a shop that's been running since 1938.  


This Kyoto Ramen Guide includes other useful info, including:  

  • How rich each ramen soup is & how thick the noodles are
  • Whether the ramen shop has tables or only counter seating
  • Ramen Etiquette / Pro Tips 

  • Wait time at each ramen shop...and more! 

Kyoto Ramen Guidebook (E-Book)

  • After purchasing this guide you'll receive the download link to a pdf file for the guide. 

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