Ramen Pro Tips

 Use these tips to make the most of your ramen experience in Tokyo.

1. Best time to visit 

Tokyo ramen shops are usually most crowded at lunch, especially from about 12 pm-1:30 pm. This is when nearby office works normally have their lunch.

LUNCH - visit right before they open or after 2 pm

DINNER - visit right before they open or after 8 pm


But bear in mind that this can depend on the ramen shop!

2. Google Reviews - Be Cautious

You might be using Google maps in tandem with this guide, at least to figure out the location of certain rsmen shops.

In Japan, the sweet spot is usually from 3.7-4.2 when it comes to Google reviews. This would probably be unheard of in other countries.


If you come across a 4.5 or above, it's probably a restaurant frequented by tourists. This is fine of course - that place may serve great ramen! But the point is don't dismiss a rsmen shop because it's lower than 4 on Google. You'll be missing out on amazing ramen shops. This whole guide is about sharing ramen shops that aren't just on the radar of tourists. That sort of info you can find anywhere online.

3. How to Order - Bring Cash

Tokyo ramen shops either have:



Ticket machines are actually most common


Standard Ticket Machine Fancy Ticket Machine


Most ramen shops use the "standard" one. They're simpler, put your money in first and press the button for what you want.


- Bring Cash (1,000 Yen bills)

- Push Top Left for their Signature Dish

- Ramen is top half, Drinks and Toppings are bottom half