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Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour 

Taste the Ramen Rainbow

3 Hours

Starts at $103

Join Tokyo's only Ramen Tasting Tour and enjoy 6 completely different, MINI BOWLS of delicious ramen. You'll even get to select the 6 ramen from 12 choices via fun, customizable menus.

The tour takes place at at three award-winning ramen shops in three distinct Tokyo neighborhoods. You'll also learn all about ramen throughout the tour - from its history to its preparation. We'll cover a different ramen topic at each of the shops, via colorful handouts and visuals. 

SHOP 1: Classic Hokkaido Ramen / Topic: Ramen Roots
- Delicious, bold ramen from Japan's ramen kingdom (Hokkaido) 

SHOP 2: Savory curry Ramen / Topic: Ramen Prep
- Perfectly balanced curry ramen with a taste you'll never forget 

SHOP 3: Fusion pork Ramen / Topic: Ramen Trends, Future
- Perhaps the best bowls for Instagram - fun, fusion tonkotsu ramen



Tour includes: 
* 6 Mini Bowls of ramen (come hungry!)

* We can request the ramen shops to remove any meat toppings.

But please note that all broths are blended with some meat.

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