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Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour (3H) 

¥16,000+ / person

¥22,000+ / person

or buy a gift card!

Taste the Ramen Rainbow!

Join Tokyo's best Ramen Tasting Tour and enjoy 6 completely different, MINI BOWLS of delicious ramen. You'll even get to select the 6 ramen from 12 choices via fun, customizable menus.

The tour takes place at three award-winning ramen shops in different Tokyo neighborhoods. You'll also learn all about ramen throughout the tour - from its history to its preparation. 

SHOP 1: Classic Hokkaido Ramen / Topic: Ramen History

  • Delicious, smoky ramen from Japan's Northernmost "ramen kingdom" (Hokkaido) 

SHOP 2: Fusion Pork Ramen / Topic: Ramen Trends

  • Perhaps the best bowls for Instagram - silky smooth, fusion tonkotsu ramen

SHOP 3: Savory Curry Ramen / Topic: Ramen Prep

  • Perfectly balanced curry ramen with flavors you'll never forget 

Tour includes: 

* 6 Mini (1/4 size) Bowls of Ramen

* 1 Beverage


* All ramen broths contain chicken, pork, and fish. For vegans or vegetarians, please book our Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tasting Tour.

* The tour involves a good amount of walking (approximately 3 kilometers, or 1.86 miles) and isn't recommended for people with a low level of fitness.    

* The tour starts in Shibuya and ends in Ebisu (or Shinjuku, depending on the day).

For any other questions you might have regarding the tour like our cancellation policy and accessibility options, visit our FAQ!


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