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Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour 2

Taste another Ramen Rainbow

3 Hours

Starts at $103

Part 2 of the popular Tasting Tour! From 12 choices, enjoy 6 different, MINI BOWLS of delicious ramen at three delicious ramen shops. The shops specialize in Hokkaido style ramen, spicy tantanmen, and modern chicken ramen.

The tour takes place in two of Tokyo's most exciting neighborhoods - Shibuya and Shinjuku. We'll cover a different ramen topic at each of the shops, via colorful handouts and visuals. 

SHOP 1: Classic Hokkaido Ramen / Topic: Hokkaido's Big Ramen Role
SHOP 2: Spicy Tatanmen / Topic: Tantanmen Evolution 
SHOP 3: Modern Chicken Ramen / Topic: Shinjuku, Tokyo's Ramen Battleground



Tour includes: 
* 6 Mini Bowls of ramen (come hungry!)

* We can request the ramen shops to remove any meat toppings.

But please note that all broths are blended with some meat.

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