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For the Love of Ramen.



When you're planning your trip to Tokyo, you might be overwhelmed by the number of ramen shop options. 


Leave this to us - your local Tokyo ramen experts. We'll take you to only the very best, most delicious Tokyo ramen shops! 

On any ramen tour, you'll also learn all about this savory dish, from its history to its preparation. 

Whether you're brand new to ramen or are a seasoned ramen eater, Tokyo Ramen Tours has something for you.

Please reach out if you have any specific requests! This includes private ramen tours, custom full day tours, tours with gluten-free ramen, vegan ramen, etc.

Need an expert on Japanese food culture? We provide consulting services centered on Japanese Food - with a big focus on ramen! For more info, click here


Become a Ramen Expert (Online)

1 hr 15 min

Starts at $11

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Tokyo Ramen Tours Testimonials

This was an awesome experience! I love to eat ramen but our friendly, entertaining and knowledgeable host Frank, opened my eyes up to a whole new world of ramen! Frank's tour is slick and truly unique, not only with info, quizzes and thoughtful topics of conversation but he must be the ONLY person to have achieved such a close relationship with these ramen shops to get them to serve his tour members with the cutest, bespoke 'mini-bowls'!  

Aron, Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour


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​​​​Frank is a Tokyo native obsessed with food...especially ramen. To Frank, ramen is the ultimate soul food. He operates, a blog focused ramen and food travel. 


When Frank isn't eating ramen, he loves to to travel, curl up with a good book, or attempt at staying in shape. He's also a huge Lord of the Rings fan. 



Tokyo, Japan

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