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Tokyo Breakfast Ramen - 4 Delicious Places

Tokyo Breakfast Ramen! From piping hot miso ramen to colorful vegan ramen, here are 4 delicious spots to visit in Tokyo.

A Creamier Bowl for Breakfast

Tokyo Breakfast Ramen - Four Places to Start the Day

If you're jet-lagged and craving some morning ramen, you culd book our Breakfast Ramen Tour! It includes 3 mini bowls of ramen.

Otherwise, check out the four ramen shops below for full bowls!

Ramen Nagi in Shinjuku

We're starting off with Ramen Nagi in Shinjuku's Golden Gai district. Matching the tiny bars of the area, Ramen Nagi only has a few seats. This makes for a intimate after drinks experience.

Outside Ramen Nagi in Shinjuku

Outside of Japan, Ramen Nagi is primarily known for tonktosu (pork bone) ramen. But within Japan, niboshi (dried fish) ramen is what they serve.

Big Bowl to Start the Day at Nagi
Delish Niboshi (Fish) Ramen

Even if you're not that into fish, you'll love Nagi. Alongside the rich, soy sauce powered soup are two types of thick noodles. The perfect hangover cure.

Open 24 Hours

Tsunagi in Ebisu

Tsunagi is located in Ebisu, a Tokyo district brimming with restaurants and bars that are open late. Their signature bowl is a fatty miso ramen. A powerful miso seasoning holds up a soup that's topped off with seabura (pork back fat).

Outside Tsunagi in Ebisu

While this bowl of miso ramen might make for a heavier breakfast, the seabura furnishes the soup with an equally sweet and smooth flavor.

Tsunagi's Signature Ramen
Fatty Miso Ramen

Minced pork and sweet corn stand out amongst the toppings. They offer a spicy miso ramen too.

Open from 7 am

Soranoiro Nippon

Located underneath Tokyo station, Tokyo Ramen Street is home to 8 different ramen shops. Among them, Soranoiro Nippon is open earliest (9 am). Ramen before hopping on the bullet train? Why not!

Entrance to Soranoiro

Their top selling shoyu (soy sauce) ramen certainly doesn't disappoint. But their vegan and gluten free ramen (rare in Japan) are also excellent.

Vegan Tantanmen at Soranoiro
Spicy Vegan Tantanmen

The spicy vegan tantanmen particularly stands out.

Open from 8 am

Kitakata Shokudo

Kitakata City in Northern Japan is known for having more ramen shops per capita than anywhere else! Furthermore, Kitakata is known for breakfast ramen. This wonderful practice comes to life in Tokyo at Kitakata Shokudo.

Outside Kitakata Shokudo

Kitakata style ramen is on the lighter side. It's normally seasoned with soy sauce or salt and features pork and/or fish based soup. But Kitakata ramen noodles might be the show stopper.

Tokyo Breakfast Ramen - A Lighter Bowl
Clear Shoyu Ramen

They're thick and bouncy (and full of water). Kitakata Shokudo makes sure their noodles are just like in Kitakata.

Open from 7 am

There you have it - 4 places for delicious Tokyo Breakfast Ramen!


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