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Tokyo Miso Ramen - Best 5

Among Tokyo's miso ramen shops, consider these the best 5. From spicy miso ramen to rich and thick miso ramen, these shops have it all!

As per usual, we're excluding any ramen shops we work with (Tokyo Ramen Tours)!

Tokyo Miso Ramen - Noodles

1. Shop: Santora (三ん寅)

Tokyo City: Shinjuku

Many put Santora at the very top of the Tokyo miso ramen shop pile. Santora's owner trained at legendary miso ramen shop Sumire. This ensures quality. ⁠

Tokyo Miso Ramen - Santora Bowl

It also ensures there's a thick layer of pork lard in the soup. But this is more than just a heavy bowl. There's plenty of refinement in the soup too.

Shop Hours: 11 am ~ 3 pm / 5:30 pm ~ 8 pm

2. Kikanbo (鬼金棒)

Tokyo City: Chiyoda

Along with ramen shops like Fuunji and Tsuta, Kikanbo is one that's frequented by tourists. However, Tokyo locals love Kikanbo as well. It's understandable why.

Tokyo Miso Ramen - Kikanbo Bowl

Kikanbo reinvented the spicy miso ramen wheel. Choose both spiciness and numbing pepper (sansho) levels."Oni level", or devil level, is not for the faint of heart!

Kikanbo Kanda Flagship Shop Hours: 11 am ~ 9:30 pm (open every day)

3. Ramen Ren (らーめん蓮) 

Tokyo City: Ota

Ramen Ren is a hidden gem located near Kamata station (a South Tokyo hub). Their miso ramen is obviously top-notch. But we like their miso tsukemen (dipping style) best.

Tokyo Miso Ramen - Ramen Ren Bowl

It features an insanely thick and rich soup. Consider it a harmonious blend of red and white miso, chicken bones, pork bones, vegetables, and fish.

Shop Hours: 11:00 ~ 23:00 (Open every day)