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Tokyo Ramen - BEST 10 (with 10 Delicious Ramen Styles)

Tokyo ramen shops - there are literally thousands of them! The sheer number of ramen choices is staggering in this MASSIVE CITY. But we've done all the ramen homework for you.

Tokyo Ramen - Aka no Ren

We're revealing 10 different ramen styles too ...and the very best Tokyo ramen shops for each style. We're covering everything from classic 1920s soy sauce ramen to deliciously creamy chicken ramen. This is BIG - so let's get to it!

1. Classic Soy Sauce Ramen at Manpuku (萬福)

The first ramen shop ever opened in 1910. They served a ramen seasoned with soy sauce (shoyu). Manpuku's ramen is as close to this classic style as you can probably get. Many believe Manpuku is Tokyo's second oldest ramen restaurant (1929).

Tokyo Ramen - Manpuku

Conveniently located in Tokyo's glitzy Ginza district, Manpuku has a big menu. But you have to order their "chukasoba". This traditional ramen is a piece of history and relatively light. The signature egg omelette topping makes for a great photo as well.

Shop Hours: 10:30 am ~ 12:30 am (Every day)

Other Shops for Classic Soy Sauce Ramen: Eifukucho Taishoken, Eiraku

2. Modern Soy Sauce Ramen at Mendokoro Kinari (メンドコロ キナリ)

If the previous entry represents the old guard, Mendokoro Kinari represents the new guard. The masterchef at this Nakano area ramen shop got his start in French cuisine. This is vividly clear in his modern approach to shoyu (soy sauce) ramen.

Tokyo Ramen - Kinari

He blends together 4 types of soy sauces, including a dark (koikuchi) soy sauce from Shimane. The gentle and delicious tasting broth even includes sherry and balsamic vinegar. The low-temperature cooked pork and chicken toppings are tasty highlights.

Shop Hours: 10:30 am ~ 12:30 am (Every day)

Other Shops for Modern Soy Sauce Ramen: Nonokura, Chukasoba Nishino

3. Savory Miso Ramen at Oshima (大島)

Oshima is usually at the very top of Tokyo miso ramen lists. They do a Sumire style miso ramen. Sumire is one of Japan's most famous miso ramen shops - the owner at Oshima trained there for many years.